Bristol- Gloucester Road Graffiti

I love travelling and making the most out of every place we visit but am definitely guilty of not making the most of where we live. Bristol has been voted one of the best cities to live in the UK and is the home of Banksy and alot of other amazing street art!

The 3 photos above are all done by the famous street artist Banksy who started off his Career spray painting the streets of Bristol before hitting the big time. It’s a shame that some prick decided to write their name all over one of his earlier pieces! (Middle of the 3)

Me and Paige explored Gloucester Road on a Saturday afternoon looking at the graffiti. We have really enjoyed doing this in other countries but for some reason have never taken the time to do it in our home town.

To be fair Gloucester Road gets a bad reputation but every one we met was really cool and friendly. Don’t get me wrong there are alot of freaks and weirdos and most people have have a can in their hand by mid day but everyone just seems to get along!

There are alot of amazing food places in this area and I will will be eating out down here alot more often.


Macedonia- my new favourite country in Europe!

We have been excited for this for a while now as several people have recommended us to visit Macedonia despite it not being a popular European destination. So we set off on the 15th of September joined by our friends Chloe and Rick, flying to Skopje from Luton airport. We were nervous that they wouldn’t enjoy mine and Paige’s style of holidaying as it is very different from what they have done previously. Fortunately they have absolutely loved the whole experience and they have been so much fun to travel with. I must say this country has really surprised all of us and for me this has topped the list of all the countries in Europe that I have visited!

We have really enjoyed our week with this crazy couple. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in ages!


This was a special travel destination for me and Paige as it was the 30th country I have visited and our 20th country we have visited together in 4 years!

I’m so glad I’ve got someone who enjoys visiting different country’s with me, as much as I some times want to squish her head she is an amazing travel buddy and is great at all the things I’m shit at! So in short we make a fantastic team and I hope we get to explore many more places together 😎


Our biggest shock upon landing in Skopje was the heat, it has been 30+ degrees every day and we have all come back pretty sun kissed and Paige has developed her trademark bright red forehead 😂. We arrived on the Saturday morning and checked into the Blue apartment ran by Ilya, he was a very welcoming and helpful guy the same age as me and the apartment was well located, clean and great value (£6.50 each per night split between 4 of us).

The biggest, most impressive fountain I’ve ever seen in Skopje centre!


We put our bags in and set out making the most of our day in Skopje. Some parts of the town seemed pretty run down but the main square and surrounding areas were really impressive. The whole place was rebuilt in 2010, complete with beautiful buildings, huge statues, bridges and fountains

We were desperate to try the local food and ate Macedonian cuisine every day. It didn’t disappoint as we all thought the food was absolutely incredible and fantastic fucking value!

4 meals, side dishes and drinks all for under £20. What a bargain!


After some more exploring we had a few drinks in some of skopje’s bars before heading back around 10.30 pm. We were up at 3am so by this point just wanted to get in bed.

Felt like a proper pirate having a beer on this monster!


The next day we woke up, had breakfast and caught a taxi to Matka canyon. The hour taxi to get there cost less than £10 between us to get there and we slept most of the way lol We had booked two nights in the Canyon Matka hotel. This place was absolutely incredible with views out onto the Canyon, a breakfast buffet and a free bottle of wine each night all for £20 each per night.

The hotel from across the Canyon, to think you can’t even get a shitty travel lodge in the UK for the price of this place!


We took a boat trip round the canyon and wandered down to explore the place. We met a guy, who’d set up a tight rope across the river and had drawn a small crowd passing from one side to the other on it..the crazy bastard! An elderly local man came over to have a go but thought better of it and pissed off on his tractor which had us all in fits 😂

We ate at the restaurant down the bottom of the canyon as it was considerably cheaper than the hotel restraunt. Me, Chloe and Rick went for the local river fish, no idea what it was but it was fucking lush! We were told that the fish from the canyon were special and that Paige and Chloe would be in for a treat that evening 😂. The same guy also recommended us a route to hike up through the canyon.

The canyon fish 😉🍆🍆


We woke up early Monday morning and set out on our hike to the top of the canyon, Rick wasn’t too keen on the idea of a hike but he came anyway and this turned out to be his favourite day of the whole trip!

Seeing as Chloe has the bladder of a pensioner we had to get her to the toilet before we headed up the canyon (where Paige would later show her the ropes of becoming a masterful outdoor pisser 😂). We went to what we thought was a bar to ask to use the toilet but it turned out to be the studio/summer home of a very friendly alcoholic artist names Dane.

Dane’s cave.. I’m sure this place has seen some sights!

He invited us in to look round the place, which he’d built alot of himself. It had many levels including a downstairs cave which led out onto the Canyon. He even offered us to stay there and pay him with beer!

A statue Dane made, he showed us a photo of one he made in Germany that was 50.feet tall!


If we wouldn’t have had accommodation already I would have jumped at this opertunity as it was 10 am and he was already rat assed 😂

The legend swigging some lager for breakfast 😂


We said goodbye to Dane and continued up the canyon where we were followed by a small stray dog we later found out was called Alexandra who followed us all the way up and down! The hike was great and took us around 2-3 hours going the scenic route. The views over the canyon were fantastic!

The magestic semen demon in all his glory.. how Chloe keeps her hands off him I’ll never know


We eventually reached the top where there was an old church and a seating area with incredible views over the canyon. We chilled here for a bit until me and rick were volunteered to head down and get booze and water from the hotel. There was a quicker but much steeper route down that involved catching a boat so we opted for this way. Like the hero’s we are we arrived back about an hour and a half later dripping with sweat carrying bags full of beer and wine. So we spent the rest of the afternoon drinking in this beautiful location. We were also followed across on the boat and up to the top by another dog.. the dogs here were absolutely lush and loved people!

A fine specimen of a man posing at the top!
The girls went back to rescue Alexandra as she’d missed the boat back 😂


On our last day we woke up and grabbed breakfast, we grabbed extra to feed the dogs and then headed off to Ohrid in a taxi

Me and Chloe feeding Pasha, according to the locals he got all the bitches round the canyon!


We arrived at Joce guest house in Ohrid which was a great place to stay. All 4 of us were in a room with 4 single beds but it only set us back £5.60 each per night! The host was very friendly and helpful and the location was close to the lake. After a little wander it was obvious to see why Ohrid was described as the jewel of macedonia!

Look at these two pretending to be mermaids!
Gave peasants meat a whirl.. a macedonian dish made of pork, mushrooms and veg covered in melted cheese 😍


The next day we woke up bright and early to explore the sights of Ohrid!

First was the amphitheater.. this was where local boxing champ Ricky Balboa hit his workouts 😂

Get up ya son of a bitch!

Ohrid fortress overlooking the lake
The church of St John at kaneo.. featuring the holy St Rick!


We spent the rest of the afternoon getting drunk, swimming in the lake and making friends. The girls sank 4 bottles of wine and Chloe was absolutely off her tits! Me and rick headed out for cocktails whilst Paige and Chloe slept off the wine.

On thursday our host had kindly booked us a trip to Sveti naum for the price of 10 euros. We were told this place was beautiful and was a must see! We took a boat 90 mins to the other side of the lake near the Albanian border which was incredible on its own. We arrived and spent the next few hours on a rowing boat trip around the springs, swimming in the lake and just taking in the beauty of the place before heading back.

No filter needed for these springs, this is the clearest water I’ve ever seen!

For our last day we wanted to cap off the week with a bang so we decided to go paragliding over the lake. This was fucking incredible and I’d recommend it to anyone who visits lake Ohrid.. it cost £75 so was, much like everything else in macedonia an absolute bargain!

here are a quick round up of why Macedonia is my favourite place in Europe

  • Macedonian food is incredible
  • Your money goes really far- all in all our week cost us around £450 per person including flights and paragliding!
  • The people are extremely friendly which I wasn’t expecting
  • The scenary is fantastic
  • Beer costs fuck all
  • The stray dogs are very friendly and we’ll fed
  • It was hot as fuck and took us all completely by surprise


An awesome week with amazing people, In a beautiful country! I’m already buzzing to get away again

Newquay with the family

Over the last month I’ve managed to get 2 weekends down in my parents caravan with our new big dumb rescue pup. We have come down here since I was small and the incredible scenery and chilled out vibe means I will always come back.

As you can see me and Bax are now absolute best buds! this boy is hard work but it’s been amazing spending time with him. I’ve never met such a loving, happy animal. Unfortunately he will attack other dogs and get nasty with people (but you’d never know it seeing him with us and our other lab!) We’re trying our best to undo a lot of the bad shit that was done to him by his previous owners, we’ve still got a long way to go but he’s improved so much in the few months we’ve had him.

Shortly after this photo he’s bolted on me whilst I was having a piss, dragging me down the beach as i pissed all over myself 😂

It’s been nice to spend time with my parents, relax, read and scoff fish and chips. We haven’t done anything too crazy on either of the trips. Quite different to the 10 years I visited with the lads staying on 18-30s campsites getting shit faced and causing mayhem for a week every summer 😂

went on a fishing trip with the old man where I caught 3 mackerel to his 0.. natural born fisherman 😉. We brought them home and cooked them on the bbq and they came out fantastic!

A pack of these beasts have lived in the harbour for as long as I can remember. I nearly landed on one once jumping off of the harbour wall 😂

My buddy 😍😍 x

Pen Y Fan

6 of us camped out at Growen farm camp site and hiked Pen Y Fan on the Saturday morning.

The campsite was absolutely spot on and a bargain at £8 each per night and £1 for Boudicca.. it even had chickens!

The weather was a bit dubious at first but eventually the sun came out. Me and Biernat cheaped out opting for £2 disposable BBQS which were dog shit but luckily Weber saved the day by bringing his proper bbq! The tents kept us dry and we had a great nights sleep, and we’re all woken up by a small fury alarm clock!

After a night it the tent we arrived at the foot of Pen Y Fan about 9am to beat the crowds. We opted for the more challenging phone box route and set out on our adventure!

The climb was steady until reaching the first peak where it quickly became quite steep! The views at the top were well worth the wind and sweat!

From there it was a steady climb up to Pen Y Fan peak, this bit was comparitively easy but the wind had picked up and the temperature dropped (I’m not sure if this was the height or just how we timed it).

The views from the top were shit hot and we spent half hour or so taking it in. Rose and Biernat brought a drink with them to toast the top of the mountain 😂. I’m told this is the done thing, but personally I think they’ve got drinking problems lol.

Our early start paid off as we beat the crowds and the fog to the top. We walked the easier way down which is a lot flatter but I’m glad we did the harder route. Over all it was a great day and we are already planning our next adventure climbing Snowdon! I will definitely be investing in some hiking books for this one. I think that if you are reasonably fit this should be a nice hike as we did a lot harder ones in Asia. If you’re after a cheap, fun, outdoor adventure i would definately recommend giving this a go! Peace x

Vilamoura- Portugal

This summer my mum and dad kindly offered me, my sisters and our partners to join them on their summer holiday. After a lot of discussion we booked a villa in Vilamoura. None of us had been here before so everyone was excited to see what it had to offer.

It took us a bit of time to find our villa but we were over the moon with it when we arrived. The owner was incredibly helpful and answered a lot of our questions over the phone. It was spacious, came with a games room and we were able to save a lot of money by using the barbecue facilities most evenings

The picturesque pool area at

Los olivos de golfe

The Marina was a 45 minute stroll or around a £4 Uber. The Ubers worked out a fair bit cheaper than ordinary taxis so it will be worth downloading if you visit (the normal taxi drivers aren’t keen on then though as one of our drivers was threatened to be killed!). We were pleasantly surprised with the prices round by the marina as if you looked around you could pick up a good meal for 7-12 euros!

Me and Paige posing by some yachts we’ll never be able to afford

Our first excursion was to Loule, which was a market town about about half an hour away in a taxi. I wanted to experience a traditional Portuguese town and food as my mum would have been happy eating Chinese every night.

Big ass fish at Loule market
Some cool canopied streets to explore..
Loule indoor market
Weird octopus roundabout thing!
More canopied streets
More abstract round about art!
Carly washing her beloved pet toes in a fountain
Mum and her new friend about to hit the market

he local beaches were incredible.. Massive and clean, we spent a day here topping up the tan (or burning as Paige calls it!), playing volleyball and pissing around in the sea


The local food was spot on with loads of fresh fish and nandos style chicken. I also tried a Portuguese dish that was steak topped with ham and cheese and various local deserts. We were lucky enough to be away for two England world cup games, the atmosphere was great and we all got shit faced! I got so caught up in the moment I agreed to fly out to Russia with Pat if England made the final!

The brief moment where we believed England were going to win the world cup

One other thing that impressed me about this part of Portugal was the out door calisthetic gyms scattered around the place and they seemed very popular! I’ll have to learn some tricks if we ever come back again as apart from a few dips, monkeybars and chin ups I didn’t really know what to do!

This was our first abroad holiday as a family for 11 years so it was nice to enjoy some time in the sun together! I’m also glad mum experienced something different from her usual week away in the Canary islands


last weekend me and Paige headed off to visit Glastonbury Tor. Seeing this famous place is only about 30 minutes from our from door it seemed mad that we’d never been there before!

So we picked up our friends Biernat, Gemma and their dog Boudicca and headed off for the afternoon.

We arrived, parked up our car on a small road and began our hike up the Tor. After a short steep hike we arrived at the top and the views were incredible.

We’d passed several of the strange hippy types round there and got chatting to one on the way back down, he asked us to draw a flower on a bit of paper and then dabbed some sticky hemp stuff that could cure cancer on the back of our hands. Seemed like a nice chap but a right fucking weirdo none the less!


Since coming back to the real world in havn’t written any blogs. We’ve had two pay days since being back and are starting to get back on our feet financially again and are now able to do fun things!

Neither of us have done any real sight seeing in London, I’ve been up a fair few times but only ever have seen the inside of pubs and bars whilst visiting my friends lol. Paige was given Sam Smith tickets so we thought we’d make a weekend of it.

He was playing at the 02 so we managed to get a Groupon deal for the good hotel right next to the arena for £60 each for two nights.

The rooms were small but clean, the location and price were great and they kept giving us free apples lol

The 02 was just a cable car ride away so we hopped got ready, hopped on and went to see Sam Smith mince it up!

Paige looked absolutely stunning, I havn’t seen her done up in about 8 months so I couldn’t believe this was my girlfriend 😂

Great views from the cable car traveling to the 02.. a bargain for £3.50 each way!

Sam Smith was fucking great, I liked some of his songs before but wouldn’t have said I was a proper fan like Paige. He was amazing live at the atmosphere at the 02 was crazy. I loved how camp he was and he seemed in his absolute element performing on stage!

Great seats, great night, thanks for the tickets Sophie!

The next day we woke up (as usual me considerably earlier than Paige the lazy bitch!) And went out to see the sights of central London! We were very impressed with the public transport in London.. in Bristol it’s full of dole scroungers and smack heads!

Big Ben fully encased in scaffolding lol

Buckingham palace to see my our Liz, she wanted a bit but I had to turn her down as Paige would get jealous..👎

View of tower Bridge and some big famous ship from London bridge

The London eye

Some homeless bloke banging out tunes on pots and Pans!

In the afternoon we arranged to meet our friends and famous musicians Alex and Hayley Wolfe (name drop 😎) We had met in Indonesia. We met them at Greenwich market and it was great to catch up! Alex being the well connected guy that he is hooked us up with free food from the market, I had the best giant German sausage I’d ever eaten with chilli, cheese bacon and sour kraut along with sausage rolls and Biltong and paige had a big pork wrap!

Catching up at Greenwich market!

Their extremely well behaved little dog Foxy

Hayley had given us some cool bars and restaurants to visit on the evening but our fun filled day and pigging out at the market had taken it out of us and I slept from 6pm to 10.30pm 😴 lol.

On our last day we met up with Gin for breakfast before catching the coach home. We met Gin whilst in cambodia and she has been adventuring non stop since we’ve last seen her. Was great to catch up and I think we are heading to Budapest with her Sonal and Krupa later in the year 😊

Breakfast with this mad ‘un!

Great weekend away and cost us alot less than you’d think! Here’s what I spent:

  • Hotel- £60
  • Mega bus to London- £18
  • Around £20-25 on transport
  • Food- £15

A weekend away in London for less than £120 each, absolute bargain. Bringing our own food with us, eating at the tesco express accross the road and Alex hooking us up with a market feast saved us some money. Really enjoyed it and will definitely make sure we get away and do things like this regularly!