Training week 22 in Myanmar 

○Sat- Yangon.. no heavy barbells here so had to be a bit inventive!

1) db floor press- top set was 35kg x16 + bpa

2) paused high incline db press- 20kg x 12,12,10 + bpa

3) Back triset
•incline db rows- 18kg 3×12
•incline bench db skiers- 6kg 2×12
•incline db iso row- 6kg 2x 30 secs

4) Incline db curls- 10kg x15,9,6 20 secs between sets

5) overhead shrugs- 30kg 3×12.. never done these before, harder than I expected!

6) striking
•3 x2 minute shadow fighting
•1 x 2 minute heavy bag

○SUN-Yangon again

1) db single leg squat- work up to 35kg x max reps

2) DB sldl- 35kg 4×10 + facepulls

3) hyper extensions- 15kg 4×12 + db glute bridges

4) tkes + adductors

5) kettle bell/slam ball complex
•windmills x5 each side
•snatches x8 each side
•slam ball x10

○THURS- bagan

1) Neutral chins- bw x5, 10kg x3, 20kg x3, 30kg x4 (pb), bw x8 (3 sec hold at top)

2) 1 arm db military press- 30kg x6 straight into 15kg x10 2 sets both arms

3) lat pulldowns- 4×10

4) Db batwings- 4 lbs 3×10

5) barbell 21s- 20kg x2

6) core-
• overhead barbell walks- 20kg 3×1 min
• hanging leg raises- 2×10
• legs up db twists- 5kg 2x 30

7) grip and neck-
• 1 arm hangs- 3 x max each hand
• plate steering wheel- 2×15 lbs
• various bridges and twists


Our unexpected last stop- Myanmar!

Sometimes travelling isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and cool instagram photos.. sometimes it’s diareah, horrible smells and vile journeys. This was the last one, we left Gili Air at 9am and arrived at our stop over in KL at midnight. Then we were up at 4am to catch our flight to Yangon. Days like this suck, we were hanging out of our arses but it’s a necessary evil to see these beautiful places. We arrived at our hotel just in time for breakfast then we spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon catching up on some long overdue sleep! The hotel bond was nice with free bottled water and an all you can eat breakfast every morning.. I’ll have 8 eggs on toast to start please and then see what else I can fit on the plate! Fat Kye’s still in me somewhere 😂

We woke up in the afternoon feeling much better.. we’re both miserable cunts without sleep lol. We headed out to Shwedagon pagoda which is a massive golden temple and one of the main things to see in Yangon.

Shwedagon pagoda.. one of the more impressive temples we’ve seen on our travels in Asia
Due to my seductive style of dress I had to cover up with traditional Burmese clothes.. shouldn’t have turned up in my hot pants looking back on it 😆

The next day we visited Bogyoke park which was alright to walk round for an hour but wasn’t anything special. To be honest I wouldn’t advise spending too much time in Yangon. We did however find a great restaurant called asia house the road over from out hotel where we tried a different Burmese curry every night.. the food was incredible and so were Paige’s farts! 

We took the overnight bus to Inle lake it took 12 hours. This was easily the best night bus we’ve had and I managed to get a reasonable amout of sleep. We arrived at our guesthouse at 5am and the woman was good enough to let us straight into the room.. paige didn’t sleep much on the bus so the lazy cow slept until 1pm! We rented bikes from our guest house for 75p per day so we explored a bit and found an amazing restaurant serving more great Burmese food called Sinyaw restauraunt.

No idea what most of this stuff wad but we finished it off pretty quick! 😍

We got our heads down for an early night and had arranged a boat tour of the lake in the morning. This was a bargain for £4 each! It was absolutely beautiful but we serisky underestimated the size of this lake.. it was fucking huge!

Check out these acrobatic fuckers showing off to the tourists!

We Visted the floating market, silver work shops, cigar making shop, saw some of the long neck tribe and had a fun and interesting day! 

I bet she can deep throat like a champ! 🍆🍆

On the evening we went to eat at the Innlay hut which was an Indian restaurant run by Eminems biggest fan stan (and his mum). The place played non stop eminem songs and even had his painted on the walls. Stan used fuck in every other sentence and wore a top saying “fuck trump”.. he talked about Detroit alot even though I’d bet my ass virginity he’s never been there 🙈. He had the hots for Paige, telling her how beautiful she was and chatting her up when I went to the toilet.. she acted like she didn’t but I could tell she loved it really. The curries here were amazing and it cost me £2.50 for a big curry and 3 chapatis! Look them up on trip advisor.. Anyone that leaves a bad review gets verbally abused Detroit style which absolutely cracked me up 😂

Me and Stan.. Definitely a few sandwiches short of a picnic but was a great bloke and his curries are top notch.. oh Yeh and fuck trump! 🖕

On our final day I headed to the local barbershop and got de-homelessed for the grand total of £1! Then we rented out bikes again and rode to another of trip advisors “cheap eats” we had a relaxed 13km round trip through the unspoiled country side. Paige nearly got attacked by guard dogs when she tried to trespass into a sunflower field to take photos and on the way home we stopped off for some wine tasting at the vineyard.. I can honestly say I’d rather drink a glass of my piss that have to chug any of those red wines!

We’re posh fuckers now you see 👸👑

Inle lake was great, we are now on another overnight bus heading to Bagan to see what this place has got to offer and i’ve just witnessed my girlfriend piss all ober the floor of the toilets because it was too dark? Hopefully we can get some sleep.. Fuck Trump x

Training week 21 Gili Air- BLABA week 10

Deload this week so took it easy and enjoyed the rest

○MON- trained off our NYE hangover! Luckily for me it was a deload week so just did an easy full body workout. 😊

1) Paused squats- bar x10, 60kg x5, 80kg x5. Was going to go 100kg x5 but my back felt tight and weird so left it there. Also paige and I both agreed that the home made looking plates felt uneven.. wasn’t a great sign that they all said 44lbs regardless of their weight in kilos lol.

2) bench press- bar x10, 40kg x5, 60kg x5, 80kg x5- thought the bar felt an uneven weight on squats and it definitely was uneven on this bench!

3) chins bw 2×5 + db rdls- 15kg 2×20

4) snatch press- 20kg x20,15 + cable rows 2×20

Finished with some stretching and a swim!

○TUE- 90 mins hatha yoga

○WED- nothing crazy got a bit sweaty and tried to loosen my back Stayed away from the lopsided barbell weights lol

1) upper body circuit x 2 sets
•Cable curls ×15
•Cable tri ext ×15
•Leg raises ×15
•db shrugs 20kg x15

2) lower body circuit x2 sets
•bench step ups x10 each leg
•floor hyper extensions ×15
•bench reverse hyper extensions ×15
• single leg glute bridge x15 each leg

15 mins stretching and a swim

Did some lazy lengths in this beauty most mornings!

Christmas and New year in Indonesia! 

Leading up to Christmas the weather improved abit on Nusa Lembongan and we got to explore some more of this awesome island. When the sun was shining we headed out on our moped to visit some of the beautiful local beaches and went paddle boarding for an afternoon!

On christmas eve we headed out for a snorkeling trip and we were lucky enough to see another manta. The water was choppy as hell and I freaked out and had to get back on the boat due to the waves chucking water down my snorkle lol. The other snorkling spots were better and had some crazy fish and great visibility.  We saw two puffer fish, some dodgey looking sea snakes and this statue!

Later that day we met Alex and Hayley whilst having lunch, they were Musicians from London on their honeymoon and we agreed to spend Christmas day together!

Around Christmas has been the only time this whole trip that i wanted to be at home. Neither of us have ever been away for a Christmas before so speaking to our families made us miss the family time and Christmas meals we’ve enjoyed every year. I also missed the traditional xmas eve bender with the my mates also known as the scum. Now some of these guys are disgusting creatures, capable of drunken antics far too fucked up for me to mention here, but most of us have been inseperable since school and have gained afew new weirdos over the last decade. I was flattered when they brought a horrible picture of me along for the night out! Video calling them when they were all shit faced and being sent photos all night made me really wish I was there as this is easily my favourite night out of the year!

It’s also nice to see that no matter how old, successful or far away people live these days that Christmas eve is still the best night of the year with these legends and somethings will never change 😂

Christmas day turned out to be great, we headed to dream beach in the afternoon and spent our time with Alex and Hayley drinking cocktails, swimming in the sea and eating pizza. It was deifferent to any Christmas day I’d ever had but was fun! Nusa lembongan was a great island and our homestay chill house was amazing. We planned on staying for 3 days and ended up staying 9!

Luckily the weather had cleared up enough on the Gilis for us to visit there. Our plan was to stay on Gili Air for a few nights and then spend new years eve on Gili T. We booked some cheap accomodation near the centre of the island for £5 each per night including breakfast, apart from there being a mention of a mosque and some of the workers being a bit pervy it had good reviews.. being a proper good looking cunt I’m hit on by men and women 24/7 so a few perverts is nothing new to me 😉.. absolute bargain or so we thought! 

The room was clean and everything was fine except the mosque calling out prayers for 20 minutes at a time every couple of hours. 4am we were woken by a vile noise.. in my sleepy state I thought some asshole was playing the trumpet right outside our door! But it turns out those fuckers in the mosque bellow out prayer calls throughout the night too!

I’m a shit sleeper at the best of times so this was driving me crazy! After 3 days of horrendous sleep we finally fucking moved. During this time we rode bikes around the island and went on a very packed snorkiling trip. Gili T was really expensive so we decided to have a few extra days of relaxation on Gili Air and upgraded to the colour cottages far away from the mosque on the north of the island. This place was great and cost us £12 each per night for a cool little bungalow, a good breakfast included and a lovely pool.

This is the first time for the whole trip that we’ve literally didn’t do anything for more than the odd dat and it was amazing! Apart from the odd morning gym session, yoga class or walk to the beach we only left the poolside to get food and drink for 5 days! Just what a pair of scabby backpacking fucks need after 5 months on the go 😍

New years eve we met Jonas and Mia from Finland and were also staying in the same place so spent new years eve watching a crazy Indonesian rock band hit out Metallica, the Beatles and ended the year on one of my all time favourite songs free bird by Lynnard skynnard!

All in all Indonesia has been incredible and my favourite country on the trip.. We’re at the airport now as our visa runs out tomorrow meaning that we’ve hungout here for 4 weeks! I’ve full filled my boyhood dream of seeing komodo dragons in real life and climbed an active volcano whilst the one next to it ploomed with smoke! We’ve swam with manta rays, visited awesome beaches, seen incredible wateralls, met lovely people, eaten great food, awesome beaches, plenty to do and there is so much here that we havn’t seen! I’ll definitely be back to visit this place again.. 4 weeks here has cost me £850 but £200 of that were our flights and trip to Komodo island so overall it’s a very cheap country and I think you could spend months here adventuring and not get bored. To think we hadn’t even planned to come here but we are both so happy we did!

Unfortunately due to bad weather we’re not bothering with the Philippines so we are on our way to Myanmar for the last leg of our trip. We will be back to hit the philipines at some point as swimming with whale sharks and seeing some of those incredible islands needs to be done but not when the weather is as dangerous and shit as it currently is!

Lastly, our friends Alex and Hayley have fallen in love with a beautiful stray dog out here called mango. The dogs on Nusa Lembongan get culled every 6 months due to there being too many strays and the thought of her being killed has broken their heart! They are looking to rescue her and bring her back to England but it’s a pricey business to get her back. This is a lovely thing they’re doing and if you’ve ever been to Asia I’m sure you’ve wanted to do the same! If you can donate please click on the link below and earn yourself some good karma going into 2018 😊

Happy new year everyone x

Training week 20 Indonesia – BLABA week 9

○TUES- trained off my xmas day hangover! The gym owner was in and was a bit of a cunt.. wanted to use all of the kit and wouldn’t acknowledge me until I attempted to use one of the many pieces of kit he was using. Wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t such a small gym!

Below is the 2 brothers gym on Nusa Lembongan and one of the sets of cool oldschool globe dumbells they had there-

1) standing military press- 10kg x10, 40kg x5, 50kg x3, 58kg x8, 50kg x11 + rear delt flys 4×20

2) bench assisted 1 armed press ups x12 , 10 on both sides

3) db bent rows with iso hold- 12kg 4×10 + rear delt flys 4×20

4) shoulder shocker- 2 sets

5) db muscle snatch- 12kg 3×8 + iso hammer curls 3×8

6) 2 sets of globe dumbell passes the sweat made these slippery as hell 8kg 2×30 passes

7) shadow fighting- 3×2 mins.. 2 rounds striking, last round striking from a fence

○Thurs- trained in a little gym on gili air with no squat rack so was a bit of a made up session today.. still got a good session in! Didn’t look like much written down but this was hard!

Holiday fitness on Gili Air, nice gym with AC and very nice staff!

1) deficit paused deadlifts (slow negatives aswell due to flooring)- 120kg 5×5 + 6×15 bpa

2) Db skater squats- 26kg 3×8 both legs.. forgot how hard these were, was holding down the puke! Had to sit down and get my shit together after these before I carried on lol.

3) good mornings- 50kg 3×12 + hamstring curl- 3×12

4) TKE 2×20 each leg + glute activation 2×20

○SAT- another AM session on Gili air

1) Neutral chins- bw x3, 10kg x3, 18kg x2, 26kg x5 (pb), bw x12 + band triple threat- 5×8

2) Db military press (no back rest) 16kg x8, 18kg 2×8 + seated db cleans- 14kg 3×10

3) Lat pull down drop set- 2 x 6,8,10

4) barbell curls- 30kg x6, 35kg 3×6, 25kg x12 heaviest I’ve gone on a straight bar since having my bicep reattached a few years ago + rope hangs

5) dips- 10kg x10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. 55 total reps

6) core circuit- 2 sets no rest
•Turkish get ups 10kg x5- hard exercise!
•Decline situps x10
•Leg raises x10

○SUN- 90 minutes of hatha yoga.. I’m still shit but am definitely going to stick with this!

Training in Indonesia week 19- BLABA week 8

○SUN- finally feeling more like myself again! Starting to increase the lower body lifts a little now. Squats and deads aren’t feeling quite so uncomfortable anymore
1) deadlifts- 60kg x5, 105kg x5, 125kg x3, 145kg x3, 160kg x3, 105kg x5 (snatch grip, paused on the way up and back down) + face pulls- 6×10

2) squats- 60kg x5, 85kg x2, 105kg 3×10

3) thick bar hangs- 4 x max time

4)Swiss ball hamstring curls- 3×12 + Swiss ball planks x3

5) sled drag- 2 tyres 3×20

6) heavy bag work- 3 rounds.. 1 x muay thai, 1 x no rules fighting, 1 x striking from fence

○TUES- basic little gym about 20m from our homestay. More like a double garage home gym but it did the job and only cost £1

1) high incline bench- 30kg x10, 50kg x5, 60kg x3, 70kg x1, 82kg x6, 62kg x8 (long pauses) was worried as the bench looked rickity as fuck! + bpa 5 x15

2) 1 arm supported pressups- x12 , 10 both sides.. harder set up than last week, arm out stretched with hand on a stool

3) J pulldowns- 4×12.. not done these in a few years, lats were screaming!

4) DB shoulder shocker- 2 sets

5) band shrugs 2×30 secs + db iso hammer curls 2×10 each side

6) bw complex- 3 rounds with short rest
Mountain climbers x20/pressups x12/groiners x10/burpees x5

Great session despite limited equipment 😊

○WEDS- 90 minutes of yin yoga.. really enjoyed this and felt so relaxed and happy afterwards

○FRI- again in nusa lembongan

1) Power rows- 30kg x8, 60kg x8, 80kg x6, 90kg x6, 100kg x6, 60kg x8 (held at the top) + snow angels- 1kg dbs 6×10

2) Seated snatch press- 30kg x8, 40kg 2×8 + seated db cleans- 10kg 3×10

3) Lat pull downs- 2x drop set 6,8,10

4) Bb curls- 30kg 4×8 + slippy pinch grip holds- 4 x max

5) dips x12 , 11, 10,… 2, 1- 78 total reps
○SAT- a quick session on the beach today. I’d missed neck and core yesterday due to time.. and shadow fighting is just so therapeutic  😆

1) Neck exercises- 3 sets + 3 sets YTWI x5

2) Core circuit- 3 rounds

Turkish get ups ×5 (with 1.5l water bottle lol) each side/Frazier situps x12/Lying leg raises x12

3) Shadow fighting- 3×2 minute rounds

Todays gym scenery 😊

Komodo- The real life Jurassic Park  🐊 🐾 and our washout on Nusa Lembongan 

From Bali airport we flew to Luban Bajo airport in Flores as it’s the closest spot to our target destination. Now even though this is out of the way and costing us a bit to get there visiting Komodo national park is something I’ve wanted to do since being a kid.. like most kids growing up I was obsessed with dinasaurs and then finding out about these giant poisonous lizards were still alive I knew that one day I’d have to see them with my own eyes!

After some crazy turbulance we arrived in Flores and were picked up at the airport by our hotel. The komodo Boutique hotel was a nice place, with friendly staff. It was a little out from the main town but they offered a free shuttle bus and as we were the only people staying at the hotel we basically had our own private driver which was cool. Because Flores was a high risk area for malaria it was the first place we had to take malarone to protect us.. Unfortunately it comes with some side effects that affect around 30% of people. Unfortunately I was suffering with diahreah, feeling sick, headaches, and crazy nighmare type dreams! It got better after the first few days thank god but definitely wasn’t a nice experience.

We woke up early at 5am for our trip, we had a great day for it and our first stop was Padar island which is known for its amazing viewpoint. We hiked to the top of this which took us around 20 minutes and admired the awesome views of the island for half an hour or so.

Easily one of the best panoramic photos I’ve ever taken.. what an island!

Next was the main event on Komodo island, heading to this place I felt like a kid at Christmas and I aimed to answer the ongoing question among my friends.. “if a komodo dragon attacked you, could you fuck it up and what weapon would you need?” No guns allowed and for the record my answer before visiting was always yes and that I’d use a fucking pickaxe! ⛏⛏

 Our guide was really friendly and knowledgeable young guy, armed with his big stick we headed off to find these deadly beasts.. I chewed his ear off with questions all the way round 😂. We were lucky enough to see 5 dragons on our trip round the island and were able to take some really cool photos and videos of the famous monsters as well as learning all about them! Everyone was their guard as someone was attacked about 2 weeks before on one of the other islands.

Within minutes we saw a small female at the watering hole, she wasn’t too bothered by us but we were still advised not to get too close!

The second dragon we saw was a massive male, we glimpsed him for a couple of seconds before he disappeared into the trees.. unfortunately we were all too slow to get a picture, gutting really as he was a beast! Paige spotted one before our guide and this one was interested and came towards us. It was another small female and I stayed filming for as long as I could before she got too close and our guide made us back off! The way these things walk is something else, it’s a kind of menacing swagger that shows how densely muscled and powerful they are! Apologies for my shaky videoing.. I must have been shiting myself more than I reaslised 🙄.

On the way back we saw two large males both just shy of 3m chilling on the beach. Being up close to these monsters was incredible! Honestly photos really don’t capture the size and powerful build of these things like when you are near them!

Here are some things we learned about Komodo dragons for anyone who’s a fucking nerd like me.. Komodo dragons:

  • have over 60 types of bacteria in their mouths caused from eating rotten meat
  • bite their prey once and follow it until it dies of infection
  • Humans will die from a bite in less than a week if untreated however this venom does not affect other dragons
  • will eat anything but their main prey is buffalo, wild pigs and deer
  • can grow upto 3.5m long and weigh over 150kg
  • Can sprint faster than a human in a straight line but they can not turn around fast which is why we were able to get the photo behind one!
  • There have been a documented 39 attacks on people on Komodo island
  • A bite can snap a man’s leg
  • Are solitary animals and live alone
  • A mother will come back to a nesting site and eat her young so they climb trees to escape
  • They can swim!
  • Can live to over 50 years old 
  • Only have to eat every 4 weeks but can eat 80% of it bodyweight in one sitting

Weighing up all the facts and seeing these beasts in person, I’ve come to the conclusion that if attacked I could win against a female or a small male with a big stick or maybe a few heavy stamps (as long as there were some antibiotics near by haha). However I think that if one of the big 120kg+ males we’d seen wanted you dead I don’t think anyone would have much chance of surviving unless you pumped multiple bullets into it! The size of the head/neck and jaws aswell as the fact that something so massive could move so fast is what convinced me the most.. Imagine a 20+ stone venomous lizard built like a fucking pit bull hurtling towards you faster than you can run, they’ve yet to teach me how to defend against that at Jujitsu 😂. 

This big, skinny bastard had me the most worried as he was due his monthly meal.. If the 80% bodyweight thing was true for him he’d put me away in one sitting! 😲

Next we hopped back on the boat and headed to where the manta ray could be found. We were told that sometimes they could be seen and sometimes they could not and it was luck of the draw. We happened to be extremely lucky on this day and the place was full of them! 

At one point I counted 11 of the big bastards swimming around us!
The ones we saw had a wingspan of 3.5m-5m which when you swam close to them was fucking massive! The most amazing thing is that these are reef mantas and the smaller of the two species.. giant mantas can grow upto 8m accross!

This was an incredible experience! Paige was more amazed by these than the dragons and she couldn’t get over how big they were.. every time I popped my head up I’d hear “caaw their fuckin massive” or something similar 😂.  They seemed really gentle and we felt completely at ease swimming with them! We both agreed that we’d love to dive with them at some point 😊. After this we stopped off at a tiny, beautiful island for a swim and relaxed here for an hour or two.

It wouldn’t be wise to let a poo slip out in water this clear 😂

From here we flew back to Bali, rested for a night in Seminyak as we left our big bags there and needed to catch up on some sleep from several early mornings. From here we travelled to a beautiful island in the south called Nusa Lembongan. On our first day we rented a bike and saw some of the sites. The weather hasn’t been great anywhere that we are looking to get to due to the cyclone in the philipines causing storms throughout asia and Indonesia has been no different. We will likely be here for Xmas and looking for an opening in the weather ☺. There’s still plenty to do here and it’s pretty cheap so it’s not all bad.

The devils tear kicks up loads of spray as the waves crash into the rocks
Paige in a pool overlooking dream beach.. I do look after her 😉
One of the restaurants near by has an indoor cinema where they play a different film every night.. pretty good for those rainy nights!

Have a great Christmas everyone xxx